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Technical Translation Service

Katsuyuki ("Kats") Matsui has been a freelance translator since 1989, and specializes in Ja-En / En-Ja technical translations.
He is completely bilingual, has 20+ years of hands-on experience in the IT industry, as well as experience in various industries.




About Benrimart

  • 1995: Started as a Ja/En community info site for the San Francisco Bay Area
  • 2006: Began selling US printer ink cartridges in Japan
  • 2017: Moved out of the US to Tokyo - inherited and consolidated the PC Consulting Services business from KMSOLUTIONS in San Francisco (also owned by Kats Matsui), as well as the Professional Translation Services that were being offered by Kats Matsui as an individual.
  • Future Plans: Various plans are in place to offer additional exciting services that capitalize on the ex


Owner Profile

Katsuyuki ("Kats") Matsui

  • Born in Japan, raised in California. Completely bilingual.
  • BA in English from Sophia University, Tokyo. Also attended Graduate schools at UC Berkeley and Cal State Univ. East Bay.
  • Experience in various industries including publishing, retail, software localization, translation, hospitality industry, as well as IT in general, including Google.
  • Freelance translator since 1989.
  • During the Windows 9x era, wrote a program called "Switcher" that allowed both Ja and En versions of Windows to coexist on the same computer.